Mandarin Tutor (MANDARIN NATIVE SPEAKER is available)

Mandarin Tutor (MANDARIN NATIVE SPEAKER is available)
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City: Tung Chung
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Posted: 31 Aug, 2015


I grew up in Mainland China and I have studied Chinese Language & Literature in Mainland for 10 years till senior high school and I'm taking Mandarin Higher Level in IB Diploma in Hong Kong and I got full mark last semester. I'm a Diploma Student in Hong Kong, my first language is Mandarin, I can fluently speak English and I understand and speak a little bit Cantonese. To be honest, I have no mandarin tutoring experience before, but this is also why I appreciate and treasure this opportunity more . I will definitely be responsible for we job and do my best .

As for approach, I will specific ask my customers about what kind approach is more suitable. But in general, I will focus more on the spoken mandarin skills because communication is the most significant sign of picking up a language. Depending on different levels, my class will start with teaching some basic and daily-used words and phrases, teach about the grammars and structures of sentences, then pick some topic to discuss in mandarin, which improves both speaking and listening, and after that, I will teach how to analysis some simple article.

Whatsapp me at 56653698